Blender游戏模型的UV映射(英文)视频教程 FlippedNormals – UV Mapping for Games with Chunck Trafagander

难度:高级| 9P | 845 MB | 附带项目文件| 使用的软件:Blender 虽然使用Blender来介绍UV贴图的概念,但本教程系列完全与软件无关。您可以继续使用Maya,3ds Max,Blender,Cinema 4D,MODO,Rizom或任何其他支持UV贴图的3d软件。
文件编号:UV Mapping for Games

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FlippedNormals – UV Mapping for Games with Chunck Trafagander

In UV Mapping for Games we’ll tackle, in great depth, one of the most common pain-points that all 3D artists have: UV Mapping. No matter which area of game development you are in, if you interact with 3D models you will need to know about UV mapping – even if only at a fundamental level.

“What is UV mapping, why do we use it? Do I have to UV map my models?“ Starting by answering “what” UV maps are, we will answer each one of these questions – as well as answering others that you didn’t know you had!


UV maps are everywhere and allow us to store and provide our models with a wide array of important data. Through this series, we will learn how to unlock that potential and build efficient, optimized UV maps for any game asset we wish to create!

Texel Density

In order to provide our models with high-quality textures, we need to ensure their UV maps are as best as they can be. One tool that all professional artists and teams use is the concept of “texel density”, and how it can bring consistency to a project.

UV Workflow

In UV Mapping for Games, we will explore several topics hands-on to quickly get comfortable with applying the theory we’ve learned. While all models operate on the same underlying UV theory, we will discover that some models will require different approaches than others and that some models may work in very similar ways as well.

Your Instructor

Charlie “Chunck” Trafagander is a Freelance Game Artist, Indie Dev, Tutorial-Maker, and in general a curious mind. Having worked for a few Indie developers, he has been able to touch most roles in game development. He also likes to break down topics in various formats on his YouTube channel “Get Learnt”.

Skill Level

UV Mapping for Games is for complete beginners to UV mapping and for artists who know how to operate their 3D software of choice.

Software Used

While Blender is used to present the concepts of UV Mapping, this tutorial series is entirely software agnostic. You can follow along using Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, MODO, Rizom, or any other 3d software which supports UV mapping.

游戏模型展UV教程 UV Mapping for Games with Chunck Trafagander 讲解游戏三维模型站UV的方法,步骤流程适用于任意三维软件


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